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Greetings! Just enjoying a pot of tea, nothing crazy just some earl grey. I thought I would whip up a quick little tea graphic!

Its always to handy to have a simple at a glance guide when you just boiled a pot of water and cant remember what kind of tea needs what temperature of water!

A few things I try to remember when I want the best cup of tea I can make:

-Try not to use re-boiled, still, or overly filtered water. Boiling and standing water lack oxygen and create a flat taste and filtered water tends to lack those yummy minerals that you will find from tap water. Dont fear tap water. Tap water is your friend. It is also free .

-Keep a simple thermometer on hand so you can stick it in your cup, kettle or tea pot before steeping your leaves.

-use a tea timer app on your phone or pick up a little digital timer. We dont want to over steep our leaves. Its just as bad as burning them. Yuck...

-Dont feel like you have to be super precise ALL the time. You will eventually develop a sense for temperatures and times.

-Never rush your tea time. Wait for the water to fully boil. Let the temperature fall and enjoy the anticipation as your tea steeps. I treat tea time like a bubble bath.

Anywhoo, here is a quick reference chart for you!
Ive got a nice little tea review coming up next...